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After the expense of Christmas, we have a few handy tips to reduce your heating bills

All Guides   /   After the expense of Christmas, we have a few handy tips to reduce your heating bills

Save Big on Heating Bills to Balance Out Your Holiday Spend

Christmas is behind us, and what does that mean? For many of us, it means counting the cost of overspends on presents, travel, food, and numerous other expenses over the holiday season. If your budget is a little tight post-Christmas, there are ways to save money in other ways as we begin the New Year. Here are some handy tips on how to reduce heating bills.

Upgrade Your Heating with Smart Controls

Did you know you can control your thermostat from you phone? This handy feature is available to you when you install a new smart thermostat. Set, decrease, or increase the temperature remotely so that your home is heated in a more efficient manner. This way, if you are running late, you can turn on the heat a few minutes before you arrive so that it’s not wasting energy heating an empty home.

Get TRVs on Your Side

Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) also allow for remote temperature control for your radiators. TRVs have two main parts, a Thermostatic Head which senses the air temperature and a valve body. The valve body regulates the flow of water through the radiator, increasing efficiency and bringing those dizzying energy bills down.

Install a New Boiler

Is it time to upgrade your boiler? The winter is the worst time to experience boiler failure, so the answer to this question could be ‘yes’. Modern boilers are also more efficient than older ones, which will reduce your energy costs and make the installation project pay for itself over time.

If you have a boiler aged 10 years or older, then it’s a good time to look into all the advantages of a new boiler. A new boiler is an investment, but one that will pay off in the long-term.

Wear an Extra Jumper

How about a simple tip that you can take advantage of right now? Keep that body heat in with extra layers. If you are snuggled up in clothing, you’ll need less heat. Blankets and a cuddle partner help, too.

Seal Up Any Leaks

Leaks could be causing your heating bills to go up. We’re not talking about rogue vegetables from your Christmas dinner; we’re talking about leaks of the heat-sapping, energy-wasting variety.

If these are left unsealed, you’ll continue to lose heat on a terrifying scale. You’ll need to do some investigating to find the leaks, but the savings you make are well worth this effort. Look for vents and pipes in the ceiling, walls, or floor. Also check windows, doors, and bathrooms for gaps. To minimise drafts, seal all gaps.

You should also check your chimney for leaks. If there is a draft present, you may need to install chimney caps or retrofit the chimney with draft-preventing solutions. Another possibility is to fit the hearth with glass doors for extra insulation.

There is no doubt that energy bills can be expensive in the winter, especially if your home isn’t running efficiently. Consider these energy tips when looking for ways to save money and start the New Year off the right way.

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