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How to Save Money on Heating: Part 2

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Everyone wants to save money where possible, yet so many people have heating bills that are unnecessarily high. The tips below explain how to reduce your utility bills without sacrificing the comfort of your surroundings.

Use your thermostatic radiator valves

It’s easy to think that a single temperature for your entire home will ensure universal comfort, but this is rarely the case. Individual rooms can vary enormously from each other, with factors including the size of the room, the height of the ceilings, which way the windows are facing, the type of furnishings and floorings, the amount of people using the room, and even the room’s function. For instance, if it’s an open-plan living room on the ground floor, with vinyl floors and windows that don’t face the sun, it could get quite cold very easily. Meanwhile, an upstairs bedroom that’s smaller and has thick carpets will probably stay warmer for longer, especially thanks to heat rising from downstairs. Likewise, kitchens and bathrooms naturally heat up when in use due to steam, whereas a dining room that gets lots of natural light during the day may actually become a little stifling even without the heating being turned on.

Due to these huge differences, it’s a very good idea to use each radiator’s thermostatic valve, which you’ll find on the side of the radiator at the top or bottom. The numbers show that radiator’s setting, allowing you to choose its output. So, if the lounge is freezing, turn up the house’s thermostat and have the lounge radiator’s valve on full. Meanwhile, check other rooms to see if they need the same amount of heat – it could be that they can be turned down to four, three, two, one or even zero. The result is heat being distributed where it’s needed, with none going to waste.

Book an annual service

An annual service is an absolute necessity, as one of our Gas Safe engineers will inspect your boiler and central heating system to ensure there are no faults. Whilst this is crucial to your home’s safety and keeps the manufacturer’s warranty valid, it also helps you to save money on your utility bills.

Boilers are sophisticated pieces of technology that can develop a multitude of problems. Sometimes it might just be a small issue that you don’t even notice, but over time this will reduce the boiler’s efficiency and cause it to work harder to achieve the usual results. By booking your annual service, as well as calling ProTech if a fault arises, you’re looking after your boiler’s health and playing a key role in its efficiency.

Compare utility suppliers

Checking what other energy suppliers have to offer on a regular basis highlights whether or not you’re on the best deal. There are a lot of options out there, with renewable energy suppliers such as Good Energy and Bulb proving increasingly popular with our customers. Some suppliers also offer rewards and credit when you refer a friend, which could potentially pay for your energy for a few months.

Rather than checking each supplier’s website individually, you could save time by using a price comparison site such as Compare the Market or Look After My Bills.

We can help you save on your bills

From an annual boiler service that ensures efficiency, to installing new boilers and smart heating controls, we have multiple solutions for homeowners who want to reduce their energy usage and save on utility bills. To find out more, contact us today on 0800 138 2223 or fill in our online form.