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How to Save Money on Heating: Part 3

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Summertime means that you won’t be using your central heating much at all. Still, a chilly day or wet weekend can bring the need to turn up the thermostat, plus it won’t be too long before autumn arrives with its crisp mornings and brisk evenings. To help you keep your home warm whilst saving money, we’ve put together some very simple changes that make a world of difference.

Keep radiators clear

Radiators do what their name suggests – they radiate heat. This means that the heat slowly escapes the radiator and spreads throughout the room, rather than being blasted out like a heat fan. If you put a large piece of furniture in front of a radiator, it will soak up a lot of this heat and leave very little for you and your family to enjoy.

Sofas tend to be the biggest culprits when it comes to heat theft. Depending on the size and layout of your lounge, it may be that there’s no other place to put your sofa aside from in front of the radiator. If this is the case, leave as much of a gap between the two as possible, as this gives the heat more opportunity to circulate around the room.

Take advantage of sunlight

Opening the curtains and blinds during a pleasant day allows the sunlight to fill your home. It’s not just a case of this free heat warming the air, it also soaks into furniture, bedding, countertops and, perhaps most importantly, you and your family. This means that everything is nice and warm throughout the day without you having to put the heating on.

Later on, close the curtains and blinds to stop this heat from escaping. If you need to air the rooms at night, chances are that just ten minutes with the windows open will do the trick, only allowing minimal heat to escape outside.

Check for draughts and heat leaks

A draught is very easy to detect because you’ll be able to feel it. Usually it will originate from a window or door, which could mean that they need resealing. However, sometimes draughts can come from unexpected places, such as your letterbox or redundant air bricks. Most of these are small DIY jobs, although if there’s a large draught that you’re not sure how to fix, it’s worth contacting a specialist.

Heat leaks are different, as you can’t see where your home’s warmth is escaping from. It could be the loft or an chimney flue, even if it’s been covered by a wall. By pinpointing these problems areas and getting them properly insulated or blocked up, you could make huge savings on your utility bills every year.

We can help you save on your bills

From an annual boiler service that ensures efficiency, to installing new boilers and smart heating controls, we have multiple solutions for homeowners who want to reduce their energy usage and save on utility bills. To find out more, contact us today on 0800 138 2223 or fill in our online form.