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My combi boiler pressure, keeps dropping?

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Is your Combi Boiler losing pressure?

Find out why and what to do

Combi boilers can have a tendency to lose pressure, which equals a headache for you. There are many different reasons why this may be happening, some of which will require an expert to ensure your system was installed and is operating effectively.

What Is Boiler Water Pressure?

Your boiler heats cold water flowing around a system of pipes and radiators through your home. For it to work effectively, water pressure needs to be stable. When the pressure drops, your boiler isn’t doing its job. 

Why Combi Boilers Lose Pressure

Now you know what a combi boiler is and understand boiler water pressure, then you need to know why your pressure is dropping.

The majority of the time, pressure loss is due to boiler leaks in the boiler itself or somewhere within the air system. Specifically, those leaks could be coming from:

  • Pressure valve is faulty; most boilers operate at 1.0bar to 1.5bar; if it exceeds 3bar, this is the problem
  • Auto air vent leaks: heating systems can collect air pockets
  • Other leaks: radiators, towel rails, soldered joints, or radiator valves
  • Radiators are full of air and need a pressure release
  • Expansion vessel problems
  • Pressure gauge is not working properly

Boilers can lose pressure when the heating is on or can lose pressure slowly and/or quickly. How quickly the boiler uses pressure is a signal of how severe the leak is

What to Do About Your Pressure Problem

To function properly, boilers require constant water pressure. Once you have a reason as to why the boiler is losing pressure, you can then work on remedying it.

When investigating you may look for visual leaks but take note that a “wet” pipe doesn’t always mean there is a leak. Rather it could just be condensation. Once you find a leak, let the experts do the rest. A professional boiler company is your best bet to rectify the leak; going it alone could cause even more issues.

If you don’t find a discernible leak, then the entire boiler could be at fault. Most combi boilers use a system referred to as a “filing loop” to sustain cold water pressure from the main supply. The boiler may then need to be re-pressurised; however, again this is not recommended as a self-fix. Contact the experts to do it for you and determine if that’s the culprit.

Does Your Boiler Need a Checkup?

If your pressure is constantly dropping, then it’s time for a boiler service, or you may require a boiler repair. If your boiler has developed signs of a broken boiler, then it is important to speak to a plumber quickly as they will be able to let you know the problems as well as how much it will cost to fix, if required.

You can find help at ProTech, your local Hull boiler company.  Call us on 0800 138 2223 to schedule an appointment to get your boiler assessed and working properly.