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Smart Controls for a More Efficient Home

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With each year that passes, smart home technology becomes increasingly sophisticated. Smart heating controls are a large part of this, with more and more homeowners having Nest or Hive installed so that they can increase the efficiency of their boilers and central heating systems.

How do they work?

Smart controls can be fitted to your boiler and connected to the Wi-Fi so that you can control your heating remotely. Both the Hive and Nest systems come with a physical thermostat that can be mounted on the wall or moved around the home, as well as a handy app that allows you to change the temperature no matter where you are. You can also easily create heating schedules so that your home maintains the perfect temperature at all times, without getting too hot or cold.

Nest heating patterns

The Nest smart heating solution is highly intuitive. By gathering data from your heating usage and analysing the patterns, it then recommends a schedule that’s tailored to your exact needs. For example, it might be that you like the house to be heated to a specific temperature for a couple of hours before you get up, then turn the heating off and allow your surroundings to warm up naturally during the day. Maybe you like the house to be a particular temperature at the weekend, or enjoy an hour-long heating boost in the evening when watching TV. All of these patterns will be recognised by Nest and combined into an automatic heating schedule that suits your lifestyle perfectly.

Frost Protection

If you choose Hive, the app comes with a useful feature called Frost Protection. This ensures that your home doesn’t fall below 7 degrees, even when you’re at work or on holiday. This way, your pipes will never become dangerously cold, helping to prevent cracks, leaks and other disruptive problems.

Ask Alexa to turn the heating up

If you have Amazon Alexa or Google Home, both Nest and Hive are compatible so that you can control the heating with your voice. This allows you to find out what the current temperature is and also change the thermostat simply by speaking out loud to your home assistant. Aside from being highly convenient, this is also an excellent way of achieving better control over your home’s energy usage, as you can tweak the temperature as often as you wish so that power and heat aren’t wasted.

Lower your bills

Through easy-to-use controls, valuable insights and precise scheduling, both Nest and Hive are great for homeowners who want to reduce energy usage. By lowering your energy consumption even by just a little each day, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and also cut down your utility bills. Who can say no to a smart heating system that’s both eco-friendly and cost-effective?

Order a smart heating system today

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