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The Pros and Cons of a Combi Boiler: Is It Right for Your Home?

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When deciding to install a new boiler in your home, you’ll find that the majority are combi boilers versus traditional ones. To understand which type of boiler the best option is, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what is a combi boiler and the differences.

A combi boiler combines an efficient water heater and a central heating unit. This may seem the same configuration as a traditional boiler, but there is a key difference. The combi boiler does it without the need for a cylinder to store the hot water or a cold-water tank. The heated water from the combi boiler is created on the fly as needed.

Pros and Cons of the Combi Broiler

Now that you know how it’s different, let’s look at the pros and cons of the combi boiler.

First, the lack of a hot water storage tank is both a pro and a con. You will save space, which is great; however, you lose an airing cupboard. There is also no emersion heater should the boiler fail and potentially require a repair.

One pro of the combi boiler is that the hot water is on-demand. Thus, if you shower, you’ll immediately have hot water without the need for a power shower fitted. The downside is that if someone is using hot water in another part of the house, the flow of hot water in the shower may be compromised.

A combi boiler makes it impossible to run more than two faucets of hot water. You can request your installer find the right flow rate adjusted to fit your lifestyle. Although all combi boilers receive the water supply from the mains, they are not all made equal in terms of outputting hot water at a quick rate.

The combi boiler is efficient and less costly to run, saves space, and work best in low occupancy dwellings. The price of a combi boiler is also cheaper to buy and install than traditional boilers.

Making Your Decision

To make your final decision, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How much space do you have available?
  2. Is the main’s water pressure acceptable?
  3. How often will you need to have simultaneous hot water?
  4. How important is having instant hot water?
  5. What is your budget?

Once you determine the answers to these questions, you’ll know if a combi boiler is right for you. Learn more by contacting us today regarding our boiler and plumbing specialities.

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