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What are the Benefits of a Boiler Service?

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Your boiler keeps your home at a comfortable temperature and could be the source of your hot water, so if it breaks down you’ll soon find yourself severely inconvenienced. An excellent way to keep your boiler running at optimum efficiency is with regular services, which involves one of our Gas Safe engineers thoroughly inspecting the system. Below are some advantages you will get by booking a boiler service today.

Achieve a greener home

A regular boiler service ensures that the system is running at peak performance, which can result in a greener home and reduced utility bills thanks to the prevention of energy wastage. A high energy efficiency rating is also a major deciding factor for home buyers if the day comes when you wish to sell your property. Read more about boiler efficiency in our gas vs electric boilers blog here.

Breakdown prevention

When something is working consistently well, the chances of it malfunctioning are greatly reduced. By booking regular services, you’re investing in a boiler that doesn’t let you down no matter how toasty you keep your home and how many long baths you take, helping you to save money on any emergency repairs.

Safety for your family

Needless to say, boilers work with gas, which is a very dangerous substance. A boiler service will not only maintain performance but will also remove any risks of faults, such as carbon monoxide leaks. Through annual servicing, you remove the danger of toxic gases escaping into your home.

Extends your boiler’s life

Boiler engineers carry out a comprehensive inspection and safety check, as well as cleaning relevant components and letting you know if anything needs fixing or replacing. This attention to detail means that your boiler continues to deliver reliable hot water and heating and also lasts for much longer. Some services will even send you a free reminder when your next service is due, so you never need to worry about forgetting about boiler maintenance. 

Validate your guarantee

Boiler guarantees stipulate that the system needs to be serviced annually. If it were to break down due to a fault caused by a lack of inspections, you could find a hefty bill arriving through your letterbox. A lot of boilers will come with a guarantee which will likely be invalidated if you don’t have regular servicing. So, it’s important to keep your guarantee validated to avoid having to fork out for expensive parts you otherwise wouldn’t need to.

Don’t be caught by surprise in winter

A boiler breakdown in summer is annoying, but if it happens during cold months it can cause serious problems. Lack of heating isn’t just unpleasant, it can be dangerous for you and your family, especially children, the elderly and people with respiratory problems such as asthma. Combine this with no hot water and you may even find that you need to temporarily move in with a friend or neighbour until the problem is fixed. With regular boiler services, the likelihood of this scenario is reduced to practically zero.

Boilers can be expensive, parts are dear and new boilers can be a costly investment. Ensure your boiler is performing as well as it can be and keep your costs down by having a regular boiler service. There are several other ways you can also reduce your cost of owning a boiler such as increasing its efficiency through these simple steps. Follow our handy guide and you’ll stay warm throughout winter and save money to go towards great summer escapes.

Speak to a Boiler Expert

If you find yourself having ongoing issues with your boiler such as constant pressure drops then it’s time to speak to an expert. At ProTech we will always provide a no-obligation, fixed quote before starting any boiler work. Contact ProTech in Hull today. Give us a call on 01482 352 643 or send us a message online.