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What boiler do I need? Combi Vs System Vs Conventional

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When looking for a new boiler for your current home or moving into a new place, it’s important to consider your options before making the final choice. Certain types of boilers are more suited for certain houses or people. So should you be looking at a new combi boiler installation, system or conventional? In this blog, we’ll explain the difference between combi, system and conventional boilers. We’ll also take a look at which might be best suited for your home.


Combi boilers

What is a combi boiler?

A combi boiler, or combination boiler, is the most widely used type of boiler in the UK. Simply put, it delivers both hot water and heating without the requirement for a cylinders or a water tank of some sort. You can find out more in one of our recent blogs which looks more in depth at this and answers the question, what is a combi boiler?

Benefits of a combi boiler

  • Cost-effective to install – as combi boilers are relatively compact and don’t require cylinders or water tanks, they are much more cost effective to install than system and conventional boilers.
  • High pressure hot water – as the hot water is not being stored inside a water tank you can achieve a much higher level of power.

Drawbacks of a combi boiler

  • Struggles with large demand – if you live in a house with several showers or taps, combi boilers are not ideal for running multiple at once. This could lead to a drop in hot water pressure or temperature.
  • Can be weak – as a combi boiler uses your mains pressure, if you have a poor mains pressure your hot water will be weak too.

Do you need a combi boiler?

Based upon these benefits and drawbacks, we’d suggest a combi boiler if you have only a couple residents and aren’t excessive hot water users. This is because a combi boiler will not be able to provide as much hot water as system or conventional alternatives. If you use only one hot water tap or shower at a time, a combi boiler will be the perfect choice for you and your home as it’s compact, efficient and cheaper than the alternatives.


System boilers

What is a system boiler?

A system boiler, similar to a combi, does not require a water tank in your loft. However, they do require a water tank or cylinder to store the hot water. This is usually in a cupboard in your home.

Benefits of a system boiler

  • Consistent water pressure – as hot water is stored in a large tank, you can run multiple taps or showers at once without a drop in water pressure.
  • Great for high volumes of hot water – as the hot water is stored in a large tank, there is a large supply of it on tap. This is perfect for larger households which may require the shower or bath to be run several times each day.

Drawbacks of a system boiler

  • Problems if your hot water tank empties – if you’re using enough hot water to empty the tank, you’ll need to wait again for the tank to fill up. This means you may not have an instant supply of hot water like a combi.
  • Take up more space – as they require a hot water tank or cylinder, you will need a cupboard or room spare for the installation.

Do you need a system boiler?

System boilers have the added benefit of being able to store large amounts of hot water. This means if you’re a family with a few people using the shower, bath or hot water tap at the same time, you won’t experience the pressure drops and other issues you can expect from a combi boiler. However, they do take up more space and therefore may not be suited for smaller households.


Conventional boilers

What is a conventional boiler?

A conventional boiler, similar to a system boiler, requires a hot water tank or cylinder. However, they also require a cold water tank which is often stored in the loft. This cold water tank is then used to feed the boiler, and the resulting hot water is then stored in the cylinder just like a system.

Benefits of a conventional boiler

  • Doesn’t use mains water – as the water comes from a water tank, it doesn’t share the same pressure as your mains. This can be beneficial if your mains water pressure is weak, as a pump can be used to ensure your shower is still powerful.

Drawbacks of a conventional boiler

  • Takes up the most space – as conventional requires both a cold water tank and hot water tank, it takes up even more space than a system. This means you’d not only lose a cupboard for the hot water cylinder, but also space in your loft so cold water could be stored.

Do you need a conventional boiler?

Conventional boilers share the same benefits of a system boiler in that they’re much better at providing hot water to multiple outlets at once. So if you’re a larger household which may have multiple showers or hot water taps running at the same time, conventional could be a good option. Conventional also has the added potential bonus of not using mains pressure. This means if your mains pressure is low, you can use a pump to allow for more powerful showers. However, if you’re concerned for space or energy efficiency, conventional is not a good choice.


Your next boilers with ProTech

Hopefully, this should help you decide whether to get an electric boiler or gas boiler. If you’d like to discuss your next boiler or would like more guidance on whether you should choose a gas or electric solution, contact us today to speak to an expert. Or find more helpful boiler guides here.

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