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What Do I Do When There’s No Hot Water?

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Booking an annual boiler service is a great way to prevent problems from happening. Still, if you do lose hot water it can be very frustrating, especially when you have multiple people living in your house. Before you call ProTech, there are a few checks you can carry out yourself that might fix the problem.

Make sure the boiler’s working

The first thing to check is the boiler. If there’s an error code on the front panel you can find out what it means by consulting the instruction manual or searching for it online, along with the manufacturer name. Sometimes this information will explain how to rectify the issue quickly and easily.

Are the utility supplies still working?

Your boiler uses electricity, gas and water to function, so if there’s a problem with any of these it can cause disruption to your hot water supply. This is a pretty easy job, as all you have to do is check each one through another appliance, such as switching on a light, running a tap and seeing if your gas cooker turns on. If even one of these isn’t working, that’s likely to be the problem.

In the event that one of them is off, before you ring your utility supplier, it’s worth asking a neighbour if they’re experiencing a problem too. Plus, you could look in the street to see if there are any engineers working on mains supplies.

How’s the pressure looking?

Combi and system boilers require the pressure to be within a certain range. You can check this thanks to the pressure gauge on the front of the boiler, which ideally should be around 1.5 bar. If it isn’t and you know how to fix it using the filling loop underneath the boiler, you can give it a try. However, if in doubt, contact ProTech and one of our Gas Safe engineers will carry out a quick and affordable boiler repair.

Do you have a prepaid meter?

This may sound obvious but if your meter requires you to add credit in order to have heat and hot water, make sure that you haven’t run out. If you have, all you have to do is top up!

Check the clock and timer

If your boiler uses a timer for hot water, it’s a good idea to make sure that it’s displaying the right time. Clocks going back and forward are often the reason for hot water not being available when it should be, although sometimes it might be that the timer has reset for some reason and is now showing the wrong time of day.

Is the thermostat on?

It can be easy to accidentally knock a thermostat into off mode, especially if it’s a mobile version such as smart controls by Nest and Hive. If you have small children or pets, it might even be that they’ve bumped into it and caused the boiler to turn off.

Turn it off and on again

Classic advice but worth a go. Switching the boiler off and on again can often get everything back up and running. However, even if this works, we strongly recommend that you contact us if it happens more than once, as there’s most likely a problem somewhere in the system.

Book a repair

Still no joy? It’s time to get in touch with us and book a boiler repair. All you have to do is call 01482 352643 or fill in our online form and a Gas Safe engineer will be with you in no time.