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Why Do I Need an Annual Service?

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From recycling and composting, to sending meter readings and paying bills, a modern home requires a lot of admin. When you have a busy schedule it can be easy to forget about booking an annual boiler service, which often leads to major problems popping up. We’re sure that you don’t want to find yourself without any heating and hot water, so booking an annual boiler service is crucial. On top of this, it comes with a variety of additional benefits, including the ones below.

Maintain the manufacturer’s warranty

All boiler manufacturers demand that a boiler receives a service every year, otherwise its warranty will be rendered null and void. This applies to even the newest boiler, so if you want the guarantee to remain valid until its natural expiration, you definitely need a regular service from a Gas Safe engineer.

Keep your family safe

Boilers are highly technical pieces of equipment that use gas to heat up your home. If yours were to develop a carbon monoxide leak, you wouldn’t be able to see, smell or taste the noxious fumes being released. Carbon monoxide is very dangerous and can cause a variety of nasty symptoms when inhaled, eventually leading to death when large volumes are breathed in. Don’t risk your family’s safety – a boiler service will ensure that everyone is safe and sound.

Improve efficiency

When a ProTech engineer visits you each year to carry out a service, you know that your boiler and central heating system are working at optimum efficiency. The result is a properly heated home and hot water when you need it, without the system having to struggle to meet demand.

Lower your bills

An efficient boiler uses less energy, which means lower bills. It really is that simple.

Achieve a greener home

And guess what? Using less energy also means that you’ll reduce your home’s carbon footprint, which is great for the environment. The more energy that’s saved by households across the UK, the lower the impact we have on our planet.

Prevent future problems

No one wants to have to put up with a faulty central heating system, so by booking an annual service you’re making sure that your boiler is looked after by the experts. The Gas Safe engineer that visits you will inspect and test the entire system, checking that everything is working efficiently, effectively and with safety at its core.

However, issues can arise in even the highest quality of model, which is why we’re also available for one-off emergency boiler repairs. If you prefer the idea of always being covered and having an annual service as standard, check out our affordable boiler cover plans.

Book your annual service

Our professional engineers here at ProTech are Gas Safe registered and specialists at carrying out high-quality boiler services. To book a service or take out boiler cover, fill in our online form or call 01482 352643.