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There’s nothing quite like a home that’s just the right temperature no matter what the time of year, but it can be a difficult thing to achieve using a traditional thermostat. By upgrading to the Hive smart heating system, you’ll always be in control of your living environments and can also make substantial savings on your utility bills in the process.

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Fast installation 

Our engineers are experts at setting up Hive systems. First there’s the Hive Hub, which connects to your Wi-Fi. Then there’s the receiver that’s wired to your boiler, which allows you to control the temperature from anywhere you like. You’ll then have the Hive Thermostat, which can either be mounted to the wall or moved around the home. Once up and running, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this amazing system.

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Why choose smart heating?

There are multiple benefits to having Hive Active Heating installed in your home. One of the top advantages is the convenience and ease of use, as you can control your heating using the physical thermostat or through the Hive on your phone. No more having to get out of bed to increase the temperature or leave the kitchen when you’re cooking to turn it down, as everything you need is just a few taps away. 

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Connect with voice control

Perhaps the most convenient feature of a Nest Thermostat is that it can be connected to smart home assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. This means that you can check the current temperature and change it simply by speaking, which is great when you’re busy or simply relaxing with friends and loved ones.
By adding the voice control feature, you can enjoy a genuinely stress-free living experience through smart technology.

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Reduce your energy consumption

Using the app also gives far greater control over how you heat your home, as you can reduce or turn off the heating as soon as your environment is comfortable. You can also set up to six daily schedules that can be changed at any time, offering the opportunity to work out exactly when your heating should turn on and off. 

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Protect your pipes

Hive comes with a handy Frost Protection setting. When the temperature inside your home drops below 7 degrees, which can easily happen when you’re at work, out shopping or on holiday, the system will turn the heating on so that your pipes don’t freeze and crack. This alone makes Hive a very wise investment.

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Save money 

Hive helps people around the country to save up to £120 a year through smart controls, as you’ll never have to heat an empty home. If you’ve decided to pop out for a bit and left the heating on, simply tap the app and reduce the temperature, then watch your utility bills reduce accordingly. 

Too busy to remember? Don’t worry, as Hive has an optional Geolocation feature that knows if you’ve gone out, at which point it sends you a reminder to turn the heating off.

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Sleek and stylish

The Hive Thermostat has a very modern design and its frame is available in a range of colours, from classic white or black, to shades such as Luscious Lime and Lemon Punch. This makes it very easy to match with your home décor or switch as often as you like.

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Voice control feature

Love the idea of having a truly modern home? You definitely need to connect your Hive Active Heating to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. If you’re snuggled up on the sofa or have gone to bed and need to change the temperature, simply ask your smart assistant to do it. Welcome to luxury living! 

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