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An increasing number of homeowners and landlords are installing smart heating controls in their properties, creating a more manageable and comfortable living experience. Nest is a leading manufacturer of smart control that not only responds to your commands, but also learns from them. This allows the system to recommend ways to better heat your home, reducing energy consumption so that your carbon footprint and utility bills are reduced accordingly.

Nest smart controls need to be installed by a professional heating engineer, which is where our team of specialists at ProTech Boilers come in. A Gas Safe engineer will visit your home to set up the system, connect it to the Wi-Fi, ensure that everything is functioning properly and then show you how it all works.

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A smarter home

After just one week, your Nest Thermostat will have applied its data to recognise heating patterns within your home. It then uses intuition to control them in the most effective way, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature without periods that are too hot or cold.
For instance, if you regularly heat the house to 20 degrees during breakfast and turn it down to 18 degrees when you leave for work, Nest will set this as a pattern and ensure that it’s in place every day. However, if you keep your home consistently warm over the weekend, it will learn this too and incorporate it into the heating schedule.

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Control Nest remotely

By downloading the Nest app onto your phone, you can control your heating system from anywhere. This allows you to set and fine-tune your heating and hot water schedules so that everything is working at maximum efficiency. For instance, if you go on holiday you can reduce the property’s temperature until you return, or if one day you’re coming home from work and it’s a bit chilly, you can set a heating boost so that it’s nice and toasty when you get in.
Meanwhile, the physical Nest Thermostat can be either wall-mounted or moved around in the house, making it very easy to access if you don’t have your phone nearby. The ring surrounding the Nest Thermostat also comes in a range of colours, enabling you to choose one that best suits your décor.

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Connect with voice control

Perhaps the most convenient feature of a Nest Thermostat is that it can be connected to smart home assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. This means that you can check the current temperature and change it simply by speaking, which is great when you’re busy or simply relaxing with friends and loved ones.
By adding the voice control feature, you can enjoy a genuinely stress-free living experience through smart technology.

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A greener home

According to the Nest website, the smart heating system has saved over 39 billion kWh of energy in millions of homes worldwide since 2011.
The system also logs your energy usage so that you can better understand your routines or amend them if desired. Why put up with wasted energy and unnecessarily high utility bills when Nest can make your home more eco-friendly and efficient?

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Stay safe with Nest Protect

In the event of smoke or a carbon monoxide leak, Nest Protect displays an alert and can even be programmed to shut down your heating system to avoid further risk. This gives additional peace of mind and keeps your household safe at all times.

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