Control your home’s temperature with the Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest logoNest Thermostats are the ultimate in modern home temperature control.  Using the latest technology, the Nest Thermostat learns when you like to heat your home and regulates your home’s temperature accordingly.  With a Nest Thermostat, you can potentially make considerable savings on your annual heating bill.

Nest Thermostats are compatible with most central heating systems.  They should always be installed by a professional heating engineer to ensure proper functionality.  A ProTech engineer can install a Nest Thermostat in the correct location and connect the Heat Link to your central heating system.

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If you’d like to make the most out of your home’s heating system, a Nest Thermostat could be perfect for you. Contact ProTech today to find out more about installing Nest in your home and enjoy home heating, 21st-century style.

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Smart technology for a smarter home environment

After only a week of use, the Nest Thermostat will recognise your heating patterns and control your home’s temperature accordingly.  Once you have the Nest app, you can control your heating system remotely to schedule your central heating and hot water for when you need it most. The Nest Thermostat can be either wall mounted in a permanent position or located on a stand for better versatility.  Get in touch today to see if your home is Nest compatible.

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Why we supply and install Nest

ProTech believes in moving with the times, taking on technological advancements as they become available and working to respond to the needs of homeowners. Nest Thermostats epitomize both aspects, meaning it was an easy decision for us to add them to our product range. Their features include:

Wi-fi compatible

Use the Nest app to control your home’s temperature remotely and ensure that you always come back to a warm home

Modern learning technology

Nest Sense learns how to heat your home in the most effective way. Using complex algorithms, Nest will help you to combine home comfort with energy saving

Heating and hot water control

Schedule your heating and hot water for when you need it most

Record your monthly energy saving

Nest shows you how much energy your home has used and when you use most energy (eg evenings, weekends, Tuesdays)

Stay safe with Nest Protect

Nest Protect detects any smoke or carbon monoxide and displays an alert. It can even shut down your heating system to ensure that you aren’t at risk