Replacing a boiler that has been worn-out will definitely impact your account balance. Still, there are positive impacts of replacing it and upgrading your heating system. This is especially obvious if you don’t have the room thermostat system or you don’t use TRVs.

The estimates from the relevant sources say that the heating system participates with no less than 60% of the total energy consumption of your household! It is easy to fathom that the more energy efficient boilers can contribute to significant savings in this department. The majority of the new boilers that has been “A” rated have up to 90% energy efficiency or even more! Your old boiler can fall in many energy efficiency groups, but the majority of them are labelled as the “G” devices, which means that their energy efficiency stands somewhere between 55% and 70%. This comes as a consequence of using a non-condensing technology. Your annual saves on gas bills can be as high as £200-300, Depending on your gas consumption.

If you are turning your boiler on just two times a day, if you do not use the hot water in them, it is a pure waste of energy. The water in the tank will cool down if left there for too long, even if the insulation is good, and the energy used will be used irreversibly. In these cases, a combi boiler is a perfect solution. It will provide all the hot water you need, ONLY when you need it, so the losses generated by the redundant heating will become non-existing!