Using a system boiler is an extremely economical and efficient option for heating your home. For many people it can be difficult to tell the difference between a system boiler and regular boiler. What is the most important difference? System Boilers take up far less space to be installed than the regular boilers. This is because they incorporate the cistern tank as well as all other major components, but also still provides a constant flow of hot water. A system boiler is ideal for larger premises with not enough space for storage purposes.

All the system boilers already have the majority of vital components of a functional heating system built in. This makes installation quicker and easier. The hot water is being pumped through the radiators as well as the hot water cylinder when you use a system boiler. This brings a faster response, and as a consequence your heating becomes more economical and has lower running costs. Since all of the major components are built into the single casing, the space requirements are much lower, and the installation is much easier.