Boiler service

Is it essential to get an annual boiler service?

We say yes, and here’s why. Regular boiler servicing is important for safety reasons. If your boiler is not checked regularly there is a possibility that it could leak carbon monoxide. Getting it properly checked on an annual basis will prevent this and ensure you are safe.

Getting an annual boiler service can also save you money. If your boiler is faulty or has a leak, a Gas Safe Engineer will spot this during the inspection and prevent the fault from getting worse and more expensive.

What will you get for your boiler service?

  • A full inspection of your boiler by a trained service engineer
  • Safety check and test
  • Cleaning of relevant components within your boiler
  • List of recommendations if anything needs to be fixed
  • Annual service certificate
  • FREE reminder when the next inspection is due

It is essential to get your boiler serviced annually to validate any warranties you may have on it. Most manufacturers make it mandatory to carry out an annual check in order to keep your manufacturer’s warranty valid. If you do not carry out this step, your manufacturer’s warranty will be void!

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