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Checks are carried out just once a year and we can always book them around your schedule, making them easy to fit into your day. We also realise that your time is valuable, so the majority of our boiler servicing visits take between 20 and 60 minutes. If a problem is found that requires additional work, we’ll explain what needs to be done and get it fixed as quickly as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do I need a boiler service?

    It’s crucial to have a boiler service annually. This is because when boilers go wrong, you may experience carbon monoxide leakages and an annual service will help prevent these. It’s also cost effective to have an annual service as it may mean a problem is spotted earlier and fixed before it becomes too late and the part needs replacing.

    To find out more about our boiler servicing or to book your annual boiler service, contact us today. Alternatively, you can choose one of our boiler cover plans which includes an annual service and repairs throughout the year.

  • Does a boiler need to be serviced every year?

    It’s highly recommended you have a boiler service on an annual basis. Getting a regular boiler service is important for safety reasons. When your boiler is not checked regularly there is a possibility that it could leak carbon monoxide. Getting it properly checked and serviced regularly every 12 months will prevent this and ensure you and your family are safe in your home.

    Take a look at our boiler cover packages here, which cover your annual service as well as any repairs throughout the year.

  • How long do boiler services take?

    This can vary depending on if any issues are found during your service. However, the majority of services last between 20 and 60 minutes.

    Our boiler service includes a full inspection of your boiler by a trained gas safe engineer; a full safety check and test, cleaning of relevant components and parts within your boiler; a list of recommendations if anything needs to be fixed and a free reminder when your next boiler service is due.

  • Are boiler service plans value for money?

    Certainly. Having boiler cover ensures that your boiler stays up and running all year round, especially during those cold winters. It also means you get the best value when a repair is required as you won’t be charged over the odds for urgent or emergency call outs.

    We offer boiler cover from as little as £14 per month, covering the essentials, all the way to £21 per month which includes plumbing and gas supply pipework cover. With a ProTect plan, all costs are included. There will be no hidden labour fees, call out charges or additional charges for parts.

  • Should I get a boiler service when selling my house?

    When selling your house, you’re under no-obligation to have a boiler service prior to selling. However, it would be courteous to inform the new homeowner when the last service was carried out so they can continue the annual checks. The buyer may also ask for further details about the type of boiler, the repairs it’s had previously or the age of the boiler. This will let them better decide whether they want to replace it or not.

  • How much is a combi boiler service?

    Generally, the cost of a boiler service doesn’t change wildly depending on the type of boiler you have. However, an oil combi boiler may cost more than a gas type boiler.

    If you’re looking for a boiler service, you can contact us for a free no-obligation quote or take a look at our boiler cover plans which include both an annual service and any fixes or repairs required throughout the year.

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