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5 Signs That Your Boiler May Need Repairing

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Boiler problems can be expensive and inconvenient and potentially dangerous if left unaddressed. When it comes to boiler maintenance, it’s a good idea to keep your boiler in the best working order to avoid any problems. Sometimes, however, unforeseen problems may occur.

To help you stay safe, potentially save money repairing a broken boiler and avoid any inconvenience, here are five signs to watch out for which probably indicate that you may may require a boiler repair in the future.

1. Unusual Boiler Noises

The most obvious and noticeable sign that your boiler’s not functioning properly is a strange noise. All boilers make some noise which you will soon become accustomed to and not even notice. If you suddenly hear unexpected noises coming from your boiler, it’s a sure-fire sign that something’s not right.

Any mechanical noises such as knocking or clunking, air-related sounds like whirring or whistling, or water-related gurgling and sloshing are all signs that your boiler needs repairing. These noises could be caused by a number of issues including a damaged heat pump, broken heat exchanger, faulty fan, or blocked system. If left unattended and not repaired by qualified gas safe engineers, these problems could lead to permanent damage and the need for a full boiler replacement.

2. Water Leaks

Leaking water can cause devastation to a property. If you notice any moisture or pooling water around your boiler you’ll need to act quickly. A leaking boiler is usually caused by a broken or malfunctioning internal part. A small drip can soon become a more serious leak so it’s important to call the experts as soon as possible.

If it is leaking water, or you notice your boiler pressure is dropping, try to find the source of the leak as this can help the engineer to diagnose the problem more quickly when examining your boiler.

3. Strange Smells

Gas leaks can kill. If you notice an unusual smell coming from your boiler, call an expert immediately. Although carbon monoxide is odourless, a sulphur smell is added to the gas to ensure that any leaks are spotted immediately. An eggy smell coming from your boiler combined with dark spots on the casing is a certain sign that your boiler is leaking carbon monoxide.

4. Slow Water Heating

When you turn on your hot water tap the water should heat up almost immediately. The same goes for your central heating system. If your boiler is taking a long time to heat your water, you could have a circulation problem. Regular servicing can help your boiler to perform at its optimum level.

If you suspect that your boiler isn’t functioning to its full potential, call ProTech to find out if a repair can help your hot water to flow more quickly and efficiently.

5. Rising Energy Bills

If you’ve seen any unexpected increases in your energy bills it could be due to an inefficient boiler. If your boiler is only working at 70% or lower it could be costing you a considerable amount of money every month. To help you ascertain whether you could lower your energy bills, we can carry out a full service on your boiler. As well as this there are things you can do at home to improve boiler efficiencey including understanding the ideal temperature for your central heating of which our trained engineers will be happy to advise.

We recommend professionally servicing your boiler annually to check for faults, find any broken parts, and keep it working at 100%.

Reliable Local Boiler Repairs from ProTech

If you’ve noticed any of these signs at your home and feel that you could benefit from more information about how much does it cost to repair a boiler, then speak to a trusted boiler repair company, contact ProTech in Hull today. Give us a call on 01482 352 643 or send us a message online.