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What is a Combi Boiler?

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When it comes to choosing a new boiler for your home you have a lot more options than you probably first realised. There are different variations of boiler types that all have their own advantages and disadvantages, they include conventional boilers, system boilers or combi boilers. Over the years, combi boilers (combination boilers) have become the most popular choice with homeowners due to their size and efficiency whilst being able to create good water power.

Below we will take a look at exactly what is a combi boiler?

How does a Combi boiler work?

Basically, combi boilers work by heating up water directly from the mains power when requested, i.e. someone turning on the hot water tap. They are made up of a highly efficient water heater and scaled-down central heating boiler within the same unit. This is unlike traditional conventional boilers which require a large hot water storage tank, usually found in the loft of houses, that continually heats water and is wasted if not used.

This means that combi boilers are far more energy-efficient and cost-effective for homeowners when it comes to their central heating and hot water. As combi boilers heat water directly from the mains, it results in high water pressure to your taps and shower without the need to invest in a separate pump. If you do find that your boiler pressure drops, you can fix yourself or contact an expert.

What are the benefits of using a Combi boiler?

There are 3 main benefits when it comes to choosing a Combi boiler to heat your home.

  • Combi boilers are far more cost-effective to install and run because of their size, they are also much more energy-efficient than other types of boilers.
  • Because of combi boilers being significantly smaller and not requiring an additional water tank in the loft or airing cupboard, for example, it greatly reduces the space required in your home
  • As the hot water is not being stored inside a water tank and is delivered at mains level power it means that you are able to get a high level of pressure throughout your home.

Is a Combi boiler cheaper to run

It generally depends on your lifestyle and how often you use your boiler within your home. Combi boilers have a built-in water heater compared to regular boilers which require a hot water tank to store hot water. This means that in smaller homes where you don’t require as much hot water they are more efficient to run. In recent years the demand for better efficiency has meant that many homes now have a Flue Gas Heat Recovery System fitted to their combi boiler. This turns the combi boiler into a condensing combi boiler. Having this system means that condensing units can achieve an efficiency rating of over 90%.

However, in some larger homes where more water is required a traditional boiler with a well-insulated tank, you may find it to be more efficient as it is only needing to heat water once. It is best to speak to a boiler expert to find out what is best for you.

Should I buy a Combi boiler?

If you are looking to replace an existing boiler because it is old or is past the point of repair, then you should certainly consider having a new combi boiler installed. Combi boilers are well priced and will save space in your home as well as help you to save money on your bills as well.

There are lots of different options when it comes to choosing which system is best for you, so we would recommend understanding as much as you can about each type and their inner workings such as the best flow rate, size and energy efficiency.

We would also recommend talking to a boiler specialist and getting a free no-obligation quote for your home’s central heating.