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What is the gas safety check procedure?

All Guides   /   What is the gas safety check procedure?

A properly functioning boiler is an integral part of any home.  Your boiler provides your home with hot water to your taps and shower and also ensures that your central heating system is working correctly.  Most boilers burn gas to produce energy.  As with any gas operated appliance, safety is paramount.  To ensure that your home is completely safe and free from gas leaks, an annual gas safety check is an excellent idea.

Is a gas safety check a legal requirement?

Homeowners are not required by law to have a gas safety check.  It is advisable but not compulsory.  For private landlords, housing associations, schools, colleges, hotels, hostels, local authority buildings, B&B owners, and holiday rental owners, an annual gas safety check is required by law.  The annual gas safety check will test all gas appliances and issue a Gas Safety Certificate.  A gas safety check must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

If you are a private landlord, you are only responsible for any gas appliances that you have provided.  If tenants provide their own gas appliance, such as a free standing oven, they are responsible for its safety.

What is tested in a gas safety check?

A gas safety check exists to protect inhabitants from possible poisoning from carbon monoxide or other harmful gases.  It also helps to safeguard against property fires and inefficient appliances leading to raised carbon emissions.  At ProTech, our Gas Safe registered engineers will be happy to complete your annual gas safety check.  A gas safety check will test to ensure:

  • That all gas appliances are operating at the correct pressure
  • Gas is being burned correctly
  • There is enough air flow to the appliances
  • All flues and chimneys are clear and safely emit fumes to the property’s exterior
  • Any safety cut out devices are working properly

At ProTech, we go beyond your average gas safety check.  We provide a full inspection of your gas appliances and pipework.  We’ll give you a list of any recommendations for future repairs and servicing.  We provide a CP12 certificate, and a free reminder of when your next inspection is due.

Gas appliance safety should never be compromised.  To ensure that you’re completely safe in your home arrange a gas safety check today.  For more information about ProTech and our range of products and services contact us today.  Give us a call on 01482 352 643 or send us a message online.